The Jesse and Darcy Lackman residence.
1999 - ??

I am finally updating this site. And since an excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie I will offer no excuses for anything.

A lot has happened since the last update. We built a 1994 Dodge Colt using two cars and put the best of both in one car. The problem with the project is that the kids lost interest and I ended up doing the majority of the work. So now they want to drive it but I'm in love, I know the most intimate details of that car.....

The most current house news and pictures; 06-30-2007 Garage loft and kitchen.

6-20-1999 In The Beginning. (The plans)
6-27-1999 Footing work.
7-20-1999 Basement
8-6-1999 Walls going up.
9-5-1999 Placing ridge and valley beams.
9-24-1999 Crane bucket pictures and roof joists.
10-4-1999 Sheathing and shingles.
11-2-1999 Insulation and windows.
4-8-2000 Siding
8-9-2000 Finally inside.
2-20-2001. More inside work.
12-16-2001. Insulation and other exciting events.
2-12-2002. Taping and sanding sheetrock etc, etc, etc, etc.
11-10-2002. Painting, ceiling wood, lighting.
04-09-2003. Guest bathroom and wood floor.

and Lackman 11-02-1999

dynamometer, engine dyno, RevSearch engine dynamometer, 5k img.A big block Chevy on the RevSearch engine dyno, 13K img.

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